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Why we do what we do?

We believe that everyone have great idea that can change our world. We just help to transform idea to working product.

How we can help you?

We act as your technical and product co-founders rather than an outsourced team. We work cohesively with you on product design and development while assisting your legal and fundraising efforts.

A relationship with us de-risks your venture and increases the probability of you exceeding your business goals. So whether you are an industry professional, serial entrepreneur or thriving business, we are ready to help and we are here for the long term.

What we can offer for investors?

We provide you with access to a continual flow of exciting early stage businesses that are seeking investment. You can build with them great products that make high ROI.

Why do 90% of startups fail and how does ucreate reduce these odds?

There are many reasons why startups fail but one of the main causes is that the problem the startup is trying to solve does not actually exist. This leads to an expensive, bloated build that fails to attract users and/or monetise. As part of the ucreate process we validate the concept before moving on to the technology build, drastically reducing the risk of failure.

What are some of your current success stories?

We have built 6 startups over the past 2 years. 6 of those are still in business. 4 have raised significant seed funding off the back of building their MVP with Innopolys. One of our startups, which we can’t name just yet, recently raised $0.5 million at a $5 million valuation.

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